Drop in Service – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 10am.


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CommuniCare – helping people in Reading by offering information, advice and support.

We work with people not issues, empowering people in their situation and thereby building independence.


We can complete benefits checks, assist with applications and help with mandatory reconsiderations.


We can support you in finding the best Debt Advice Specialist for your needs.

Divorce & Separation Support

We can assist with filling in necessary forms, referrals for counselling and mediation and general advice

Employment Advice

We offer varying levels of employment advice. We also assist with CV writing, job searches and job applications.

Form Filling

We will assist with all types of form filling,including benefit forms, both paper and on-line.

Housing Advice

We can help with various housing issues, whether landlord or tenant, owner or occupier.

Local Community Information

We offer information on local community services, community groups and other voluntary & advice groups across Reading.

Pro-Bono Legal Clinic

We hold a monthly legal clinic for our clients. Referrals are made from our advice sessions.