Another busy year has come to an end, a year when we have seen an increase in referrals for home visits, an increase in the number of clients we see at our outreach sessions and a steady flow of clients in our advice centre.  It is also a year where we have continued to work closely with other agencies across Reading to offer the best possible support for those in need, and great partnerships and friendships have been made.

2018 starts with the introduction of Universal Credit and this could be one of out biggest challenges this year. CommuniCare are working closely with DWP and Job Centre Plus to support clients with UC and, from Wednesday 10th January, CommuniCare will be running  weekly outreach session at Reading JC+ to offer additional assistance to those who need it.

Our biggest challenge for 2018 is to secure funding. Some of the grants and donations that have been made to us have come to an end, or are due to come to an end, and we need to replace these if we are to survive.  Making funding applications and writing bids is a weekly (if not daily) task for us!